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Information About Owning A Rottweiler Puppy



For more details on upcoming and current litters, please click here on our "Available Rotties" link.

Our puppies are professionally bred and placed in homes that are familiar with the Rottweiler breed. If you have never owned a Rottweiler before, there is a wealth of information available to any one seeking to acquaint themselves. Please see the links below for more information.

Interested in buying a Rottweiler?

FCI Standard for Rottweilers

We strive to place all our puppies in the best suited environments for which they are purchased and intended, i.e., show, work or companion Rottweilers, taking into consideration their individual conformation, temperaments, energy and drive levels. ~Prices are commensurate with their quality~ We are producing exceptionally bred Rottweilers from tried and true, breed worthy, American and German (most titled in both working and conformation-all with health clearances) breeding stock and pedigrees for personal companions, show and working Rottweilers with quality in mind; medium to large sized, substantial, beautiful, impressive looking, behaving, healthy, and intelligent Rottweilers that come with written health guarantees and life long continual Breeder support for those who love the breed and truly appreciate all they represent.

We also offer co-ownerships on our top show quality puppies, youth and adult dogs for those who wish to partner with us, furthering our kennel name and the Rottweiler breed.

Please note, we do not sell guard, or breeding Rottweilers; we offer companions and give breeding rights to show dogs only. We are firm believers in professional breeding programs and are happy to start anyone on the road to legitimate show/breeding, as back yard breeding; producing Rottweilers in name only, i.e., from unknown or uncertain lineages, with no health clearances, and no accountability to the Rottweiler standard, does no one any favors-least of all the Rottweiler breed. Legitimate breeders do not contribute to the over poor breeding and high number of relinquished Rottweilers nation-wide. Because of this, we cannot compete with back yard breeding pricing either.


If you are looking for and appreciate all that goes into breeding a quality Rottweiler from working and conformation titled; breed worthy foundation stock-with health clearances, that are health guaranteed, and realize the cost will be reflective on the pricing of these Rottweilers, are a stable homeowner with a suitable fenced in back yard where your Rottweiler will be safely contained, with time to devote to the proper training and socialization these dogs need, are committed to properly caring for your Rottweiler in feeding a quality diet, providing optimal health care, and maintaining your Rottweiler inside the family home, please contact us for our sales contract, pricing, and shipping options at makyra5550@cs.com or call Von Shipman Rottweilers at 360-687-9463 between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time. We welcome all serious inquiries.



Puppies are reservable with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit which is good towards any puppy of any future litter. We produce well bred pets and reasonably priced show dogs from top titled German working/show lines. All parents used in our breeding program have health clearances.

Your puppy is temperament tested, comes with AKC registration, a written health/hip guarantee, microchipping, current vaccinations, worming, with TAIL AND DEW CLAWS REMOVED, and a new owner puppy packet with pedigree documentation and helpful information on raising your puppy. Here at Von Shipman Rottweilers, we provide lifelong support for our valued customers.

We have put much time, effort and love into producing a quality dog for you. We at Von Shipman Rottweilers believe that your investment represents your desire for not just a ordinary Rottweiler pup, but one that excels in health (with clearances), breed type (they look great), working ability (they're smart), and temperaments (they're people friendly but still protective). Many people will invest in a fine piece of furniture that will last a decade and even longer. A family dog/companion lives to be at least that long and gives so much more than a piece of wood!~


CONTACT US @ 360-687-9463 between 10 AM and 9 PM Pacific Time or E-mail us at makyra5550@cs.com with any questions. We are happy to answer them.




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